Chanji Laptop Bag for Women



Dimensions: 13 in x 5 in x 15.5 in

The Chanji, Woman's Laptop Bag, safely totes a computer by way of discreet hidden cushions covered by Blumera's signature magenta silk and adjustable strap, which secures your laptop in place. Dark brown leather infused with red tones and antique rivets hand-tooled make the design of the Chanji Bag at once practical, smart, and the most chic way to transport your computer around town.

Carry Chanji with its removable shoulder strap as a courier bag or take it off and tote it as your everyday bag.

Chanji boasts two interior side pockets and one extra large middle zip pocket, adorned with Blumera antique colored hard-ware zipper-heads.

A secret quote of inspiration hangs from every bag.

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