About the designer

Mehera Blum has given herself over to her latest creation, Blumera. Drawing inspiration from the brilliant colors and sensual textures of her global travels and employing the skillful artisans of Los Angeles, Bali, and other locales, coupled with her depth of feeling, Mehera designs bags for women like herself, who wish to uniquely express themselves. Sophisticated yet exotic, luxurious yet functional, the Blumera line boasts versatile collections with refined detail and stunning material — assuring quality and long life. Hand-sculpted silver, brass, and gold adornments bear inspirational quotes of love. Luscious silk, suede, and other natural fabrics, dyed in Blum's favorite color magenta, line the interior. Hand-cut leather braided, tooled and tasseled and richly embroidered fabrics reveal her joyous enthusiasm for life and her innate ability to infuse the creative magical forces of nature in her works.

Blumera Press and Media

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